Pepsi True, The Healthy Side of Soda

Pepsi True is another trailblazing product innovation announced by PepsiCo on Wednesday.

The mid-calorie cola drink is PepsiCo’s response to demand from customers for healthy alternatives to high calorie soft drinks. According to Time Magazine, Pepsi True is sweetened with a combination of sugar and stevia, a plant based sugar substitute. The use of stevia in Pepsi True reduces sugar content by 30 percent and calories by 40 percent when compared with the original version of Pepsi.

Pepsi and its rival Coca-Cola have faced growing criticism in recent years for the role their products play in fueling the obesity epidemic. The Inquisitr reported that both companies had, last month, signed an agreement with The Alliance for a Healthier Generation to reduce the calorie content of their products by 20 percent before 2025. The announcement of the agreement was made at the recently concluded 10th annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative.

The Huffington Post has argued that the announcement of Pepsi True is in keeping with customer trends which indicate that customer’s tastes are changing, with more and more people moving away from soda because of health concerns. Pepsi True appears to be a targeted attempt by Pepsi to capitalize on the health wave that is driving consumer demand.

In a release on its website, the beverage company, in previewing its announcement of Pepsi True, outlined a list of product innovations which appeal to the health concerns of customers. The list reveals that Pepsi has actually used stevia in its products before. This came under the brand of Pepsi Next which was launched back in 2012, a launch which The Huffington Post has described as a failure.

Dr. Derek Yach, Executive Director of the Vitality Institute and former Senior Vice President for Global Health Policy at Pepsi, has said that providing healthy alternatives such as Pepsi True is simply smart business for the company given the growth in consumer demand for nutritious foods.

Yach, in hailing the launch of Pepsi True, elaborated on Pepsi’s focus on providing healthier alternatives for customers.

“In the long term, there will be a confluence between profitability and health concerns and the quality of the environment. Consumers differentiate where they buy their products depending on their health and commitment to the environment. In order for people to buy from you, they have to trust the brand and the company, not just like the taste and the flavor. People care how your ingredients are sourced and your ethical use of resources, and the quality and nutrition of your food.”

Pepsi True will be available on Amazon later this month.

[Image from PepsiCola]