Matthew Prokop Told Sarah Hyland She “Deserved To Die”

Matthew Prokop must stay at least 100 yards away from his ex-girlfriend, Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland, after she revealed shocking details about their time together in court documents. Earlier this week, Hyland secured a temporary restraining order against Prokop following allegations of physical and verbal abuse.

Perhaps the most appalling claim was one alleging Prokop told Hyland she “deserved to die.” However, despite Hyland’s candidness regarding Matthew Prokop’s reported abuse in her documents against him, the 23-year-old actress won’t be commenting publicly about the issue.

On September 24, Hyland’s attorney, Lee A. Sherman, released a statement to People Magazine. It read, “Out of respect for the court, the process and all parties, I have advised Ms. Hyland not to comment on the matter.”

Matthew Prokop and Sarah Hyland began dating in 2009 after meeting during an audition for High School Musical 3: Senior Year (Hyland didn’t get a part in the film, but Prokop went on to star as Jimmy “Rocket Man” Zara). In 2011, after starring together in the Disney Channel Movie Geek Charming, Prokop and Hyland moved in together.

On August 26, news of Prokop and Hyland’s breakup hit E! News. “She is having a good time right now,” a source told the site. “They thought they would be better off as friends. It was amicable.”

Although E!‘s source claimed the split was “amicable,” a second source told a different story to Star Magazine.

“Matt has become obsessed with Sarah,” claimed a source. “He calls and texts her constantly and has even said some strange things about her and her dog. It’s terrifying Sarah and she just wants him to stop and for it to all go away.”

Star‘s source also claimed 24-year-old Prokop had been in rehab, where he was receiving treatment for alcohol and marijuana abuse. “Matthew has been doing everything he can to remain in Sarah’s life,” the source explained. “But Sarah wants nothing to do with him and has even packed up all his belongings and shipped them back to his family’s home in Texas.”

Then, on September 23, TMZ confirmed Hyland had been awarded with a restraining order, protecting both herself and her dog from Matthew Prokop. In her court documents, Hyland claimed she was in fear for her life after receiving threats from Prokop. Hyland stated Prokop threatened to burn down her house and harm her dog, Barkley.

In addition to threatening Hyland, Prokop reportedly also claimed he would take his own life.

According to TMZ, Matthew Prokop was released from treatment on September 21.

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