Sony Online Entertainment and PlayStation Networks Hacked, 93,000 Accounts Compromised

Sony chief security officer Philip Reitinger warned Sony Entertainment Online customers and PlayStation Network users on Tuesday night that their accounts may have been compromised after a hack led to 93,000 accounts being compromised.

Sony announced that all 93,000 accounts have been locked to prevent further hacks.

The company says they have noticed “additional activity” in a few accounts and they are currently checking their network for rogue access.

Sony officials say everyone will have to undergo a mandatory password change process the next time they log in while SOE customers must undergo additional steps to ensure the safety of the network.

At this time hacking initiative Anonymous has not claimed credit for the recent attack, while regular Sony hacking group LulzSec has been ruled out following various arrests of members in their group.

Credit card information was not at risk during this most recent attack.

Sony has been attempting to fix their public image after they were forced to shut down their network for one month following a massive attack to the PlayStation network.

Are you worried that Sony has not yet figured out how to protect their network from prying eyes?