‘The Big Bang Theory’ Fans Hate Kaley Cuoco’s New Haircut: Is Penny The New Felicity?

Some fans of The Big Bang Theory are not fans of Penny’s new haircut. So will they keep tuning in to watch the girl next door now that she’s lopped off her long locks?

The Big Bang Theory viewers were given plenty of warning about Penny’s haircut. Kaley Cuoco has been rocking her pixie cut for months, and a TV preview for the show even revealed Sheldon’s reaction to it. Unfortunately, some fans of the show missed all the signs that Penny was going to look completely different when the new season premiered, and they were just as shocked as Sheldon when they saw Penny’s pixie.

The reaction on Twitter was pretty harsh. Some fans simply couldn’t believe that Kaley Cuoco cut off her gorgeous golden mane.

Of course, there had to be that guy who tied Penny’s level of attractiveness to the length of her crowning glory.

Then there were a few Big Bang Theory fans who majorly overreacted to the change. Hair haters gonna hate, as Amy would say.

Penny cut her hair for this season of Big Bang Theory she looks stupid this ruins the show for me

— Anthony (@OMGItsBirdman) September 23, 2014

You’d think that the show killed off a main character or something — it’s just hair, people!

Yahoo! TV compared The Big Bang Theory backlash to the negative reaction that Kerri Russell’s short hairstyle received when she cut off her curls for the Felicity TV series. According to The New York Times, some critics blamed her haircut for the once-popular show’s declining ratings.

Keri Russell's controversial haircut from 'Felicity'

However, things are much different now than they were in the late 90s. There are more people on the internet, so many fans of The Big Bang Theory were prepared for the change. They saw Kaley Cuoco’s new haircut on her Instagram page, read her numerous interviews about the pixie being featured on the show, or saw the video previews for Season 8 on YouTube. Because so many fans were ready for it, it’s doubtful that the haircut will have a huge negative effect on the show’s ratings. And just like Sheldon, the hair haters can learn to live with the new ‘do.

Judging from next week’s preview, fans will be too busy making fun of Howard’s pitching and running abilities to complain about Penny’s hair.

What do you think of Kaley Cuoco’s new Big Bang Theory hairstyle? Do you think it works for Penny, or is she the type of girl who wouldn’t dare to cut her hair that short?

[Image credits: Kaley Cuoco/Instagram, Maxim,Glamour]