Juan Pablo Defends Nikki Ferrell Amid Split Rumors

Juan Pablo defended Nikki Ferrell on Twitter after a fan called her out for being “selfish.” Despite rumors that The Bachelor couple has called it quits, it seems as though they are still together. According to The Boston Herald, Juan and Nikki are still together, and are determined to work things out.

During a recent interview, Nikki was asked if she had plans to move to Miami to be closer to Juan Pablo. She said that she wasn’t planning on moving — and that her hair wouldn’t do well in the humidity. Nikki was also asked if she and Juan Pablo talked about getting engaged. In one sentence, Nikki confirmed that she and Juan Pablo aren’t breaking up any time soon.

“If you mean me describing what kind of ring I want, then yes! I want this to last forever, and if it takes us four more years to figure that out, I’m fine.”

Juan Pablo has stayed on Twitter although Nikki has chosen to delete her account. Over the past couple of weeks, since Couples Therapy has been airing on VH1, Juan Pablo and Nikki have come under serious fire — and since Nikki isn’t around to defend herself, her man has been sticking up for her.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Juan Pablo Galavis still hasn’t told Nikki Ferrell that he loves her. That’s been an ongoing “problem” for the couple, who seem to want to prove the world wrong. It is unknown if Juan Pablo will actually say those three big words to his girlfriend by the end of the current season of Couples Therapy, but it doesn’t sound like Nikki cares too much one way or the other. She says that she wants to make things work with her guy, and it sounds like she’s going to hang around until he decides whether or not he actually loves her.

Have you been watching Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell on Couples Therapy? What do you make of their relationship?

[Photo courtesy of Juan Pablo / Instagram]