Man Stabs Pit Bull Puppy Over 20 Times Before Tossing The Dog In The Woods

A pit bull puppy was stabbed more than 20 times before being tossed into the woods to die.

Police in Chesterfield County, Virginia, were called to the scene on Sunday to investigate the stabbing of a white pit bull puppy. According to WTVR, the police found the puppy in the tree line of a nearby apartment complex.

“Upon arrival, officers located the dog, a white pit bull puppy, in the tree line near the residence; the dog had been stabbed more than 20 times. Officers immediately transported the dog to an area animal hospital. The dog remained in critical condition for several days, but is now expected to survive.”

The puppy is now being called “Angel” by caregivers. However, some of those caring for the puppy think that a better suited name may be “Lucky” as the puppy is incredibly lucky to still be alive following such a brutal encounter. The Chesterfield animal rescue group said the puppy “is a miracle.”

WRIC reports that a warrant for Paris L. Hill, 27, was issued for animal cruelty on September 18 in relation to the puppy stabbing. CBS 6 notes that the suspect in the case was actually on the scene when police arrived and began interviewing witnesses, but he subsequently left. Police are still looking for Hill, who resides in Petersburg.

Sadly, this isn’t the first case of extreme cruelty towards a pit bull this week. Another pit bull was branded with the “F-Word” which caused serious chemical burns. The dog had to undergo plastic surgery to remove the brand.

What do you think should happen to the person responsible for stabbing the pit bull puppy over 20 times and leaving him to die in the woods?

[Image Credit: WTVR]