Nick Cannon Dating Amber Rose? She’s Reportedly Leaving Wiz Khalifa — Here’s Why

Nick Cannon is dating Amber Rose? That is what several reports are stating, including one from MediaTakeout.

Amber Rose is reportedly leaving longtime husband (and the father of her child) Wiz Khalifa to be with her longtime friend and current manager, Nick Cannon.

Since it was first announced that Nick Cannon was hired as Amber Rose’s new manager, a lot of rumors and speculation have circulated alone as to just how much these two mix business with pleasure (if at all).

According to the insider’s report at MediaTakeOut, this love connection between Nick Cannon and Amber Rose has been in the making for quite some time now.

“Amber has had a crush on Nick since forever. He was like a mentor to her, and I think she fell in love.”

The source also stated that Amber Rose’s feelings for Nick Cannon had nothing to do with him breaking up with Mariah Carey, especially since Nick remained faithful to Mariah throughout the duration of their marriage.

“Nick was faithful to Mariah, and Amber was with Wiz so nothing came out of it… But when Nick [and Mariah] broke up, they connected.”

Most people already know about the dissolved relationship between Nick Cannon and his soon-to-be former wife, Mariah Carey. However, not very many people are aware that there is trouble in the home of Wiz and Amber as well. In the week before his new album was released back in August, Wiz Khalifa posted a series of cryptic tweets on his official Twitter page, which sent out red flags to his fans and followers indicating that there might be problems in his relationship with Amber Rose.

Keep in mind that these are just rumors at this point. Nothing has been confirmed by Nick Cannon or Amber Rose. However, if there is any truth to these rumors, it should be revealed in one way or another in the weeks to come.

Recently, Amber Rose was pictured not wearing her wedding ring. Wiz Khalifa seems to be tweeting more about his love for getting high than being in love with his wife and the mother of his firstborn child. Nick Cannon… well, Nick Cannon is clearly enjoying the beauty of single life and managing all of his different business opportunities advertised on his Twitter page while still working on the dissolution of his marriage behind the scenes.

What do you think? Is Nick Cannon dating Amber Rose behind Wiz Khalifa’s back? Is one new love beginning while yet another celebrity marriage comes to an end?

[Image Credit: Tumblr and Celeb ‘N Music 24/7]