Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr. Charged In The Abduction Of Hannah Graham

Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr. is being sought in the disappearance of Hannah Graham. The 18-year-old University of Virginia student vanished in the early morning hours of September 13. According to reports, Hannah left the Tempo Bar & Restaurant with the suspect at approximately 2:00 a.m.

Although authorities interviewed Jesse about Hannah’s disappearance, his current whereabouts are unknown. On September 20, the suspect reported to the Charlottesville Police Department with his mother. However, he refused to discuss Hannah’s disappearance.

Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr. eventually left the station, stating that he needed legal representation. As reported by Time, the suspect left the parking lot at a high rate of speed.

Although Virginia State Police attempted to catch up with Matthew, he managed to get away. ABC News reports that Jesse was last seen driving a “1997 light blue Nissan Sentra with a Virginia license plate of VAC 4575.”

The 32-year-old man was identified as a person of interest late last week. Following reports of the student’s disappearance, several witnesses reported seeing Hannah and Jesse together.

Authorities believe Hannah met the suspect at the downtown Charlottesville strip mall — at approximately 1:00 a.m. Hannah and Jesse were later seen having drinks at the Tempo Bar & Restaurant. Witnesses said Hannah left the bar with the suspect at approximate 2:00 a.m.

Charlottesville Police Captain Gary Pleasants confirmed “articles of clothing” were found during a search of Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr.’s apartment. Although he did not elaborate, Pleasants said the articles were collected as evidence in Hannah Graham’s disappearance.

Authorities have issued several warrants for the suspect’s arrest. In addition to reckless driving, Jesse is charged with felony abduction with intent to defile.

According to reports, Jesse was employed as a nursing assistant at the University Of Virginia Medical Center. He also volunteered with the Covenant School football team. In an official statement, school officials said the suspect will remain on suspension until the charges are “clarified and resolved.”

Prior to his employment with the university, Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr. worked as a taxi driver. Former supervisor John Amato describes the suspect as quiet and polite.

“Normal guy, really nice guy, took care of the people. Not once received a complaint. Every time, the times that I did hear about him driving, the clients were very happy with him.”

On Tuesday night, Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo underlined the fact that Hannah Graham is still missing. Anyone with information about Hannah’s movements on September 13, or her current whereabouts, is urged to call tip line at 434-295-3851. Authorities are also actively looking for Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr., who is considered a fugitive.


People reports that Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr., is now in police custody.

[Images via Time]