Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Reduced India Aids Cases By 100,000 [Study]

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested $258 million to help prevent AIDS in India and now a recent study has shown that nearly 100,000 people in the region have avoiding the virus because of the organizations educational efforts.

The study concluded that prevention programs targeting high-risk populations were effective in helping reduce HIV and AIDS.

Dubbed the Avahan initiative the program has focused on prevention techniques such as needle-exchange programs, safe-sex counseling and condom distribution, standard practices in many parts of the world that had been overlooked in India.

The current study examined date from 2003 trhough 2008 and found that higher spending from the Avahan initiative correlated to lower AIDS cases in the country.

Critics say sthe methodology used in the study is flawed because it included pregnant women from antenatal clinics and because the study was funded directly through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

One critic says the findings are positive but “hard to quantify.”

Do you believe prevention programs created by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are making a 100,000 person difference in India?