iOS 8 Problems Include Battery Drain, WiFi Issues

While much excitement has surrounded Apple’s new operating system, there are plenty of iOS 8 problems already popping up. The OS that was specifically designed to go along with the iPhone 6 has quite a few benefits, such as improved camera use. Unfortunately, some people are claiming their batteries are draining too quickly while also having problems connecting to their WiFi networks.

Battery drain is hardly exclusive among iOS 8 problems, as Apple has had its customer base complaining about this issue in almost every iteration of its operating system. The Cupertino company claims they have solved the issue in most OS releases, only to have users detect the problem yet again quite consistently. BGR reports the WiFi connectivity and battery drain is even effecting at least some iPhone 6 users. This is very problematic, considering the new phones were hyped as having better battery life than their predecessors.

Digital Trends has put together a list of 10 of the most talked about issues that have sprung up following the release of the new operating system. While some on the list are little more than small annoyances for a handful of people, others claim the issues make the device almost unusable at times. Among the annoyances most often talked about are music syncing far too slowly or not syncing at all, the sound suddenly going out on their phones or tablets, and the inability to upload photos in the Safari browser.

Those three bugs definitely take away the fun of having a new iPhone 6 or a fresh coat of paint on older iPads and iPad Airs. One of many iOS 8 problems that has become especially problematic is the random reboot of the system. This usually occurs when a user is attempting to update or download an application. The message first pops up that the application cannot be downloaded “at this time.” After a few more tries, the screen goes black and the Apple insignia pops up, signifying a reboot is in process.

The good news is that most of these glitches seem to be issues that are solvable by Apple’s crack staff. None of the bugs are of the kind that can give developers massive headaches, save for the WiFi connectivity and battery drain. It appears the Cupertino company runs into a brick wall when it comes to completely wiping those complications out. Still, when talking about iOS problems, it can be frustrating for users.