WWE News: Brock Lesnar’s Contract Ending At WrestleMania 31?

F0r news on Brock Lesnar, it is a day-to-day change of scheduling and contractual talks. One day he is here to stay for the long term, but the next report tells the WWE Universe how Lesnar will be used sparingly, and the WWE will pay per appearance on Monday Night Raw. When Lesnar doesn’t make it, have no fear; his advocate Paul Heyman is there to promote Lesnar.

Well, Heyman was not on Raw, and it wasn’t a case of a sickness, injury or travel woes that kept the WWE’s best tandem off television. Creative simply had nothing for the dynamic duo. Personally, it would’ve been acceptable if Heyman came out and bragged about Lesnar’s win, calling it legitimate and pulling out every “heel tactic” in the book.

That seemed like the smart thing to do. Yet, the WWE saw otherwise and went in a different, yet unknown direction. As for today’s news on Brock Lesnar, those pesky contractual talks are coming up again. Come WrestleMania 31, Lesnar will need a new deal if the WWE wants him to stick around.

Dave Meltzer is the guest this week on The Ross Report. Dave and Jim reviewed Night Of Champions and talked about a ton of subjects in regards to the current state of the industry. Jim Ross and Dave Meltzer said that they are both under the impression that Brock Lesnar‘s contract expires at WrestleMania. So, if WWE does not work out a new deal with Brock then that would be his last match with the company. Dave noted that while he doesn’t think Brock will ever fight again in MMA (in Dave’s opinion), Brock can still use that as a bargaining chip to possibly leverage a better deal with WWE.

Like it or not, Meltzer is a very reputable source in the professional wrestling community. Just because he messed up the CM Punk return last March doesn’t mean his credibility is totally shot. Since Lesnar became the big picture, Meltzer’s accuracy is top-notch.

Lesnar and Heyman not appearing on Monday Night Raw is a big problem to have. From a business perspective, as well as a wrestling perspective, how hard would it have been to throw Heyman with a microphone on-screen? What’s more troubling is the fact that there aren’t even future-plans for John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar at Hell in a Cell. On top of that, no matches or plans are made for Hell in a Cell.

Call me a realist, but something should be planned for their WWE World Heavyweight champion. Roman Reigns is hurt and it was a huge shock, yes, but that’s why backup plans should be written. Apparently they were writing Raw during the show itself. No wonder Raw scored a 2.7 in the ratings.

[Image via WWE.com]