‘Jeopardy!’ Winner Ken Jennings Mocks Handicapped In Cruel Tweet

At one point, Ken Jennings had the world captivated when he won Jeopardy!. Now, he has a lot of attention on himself, but it’s not garnering a positive reaction like his stint on the game show.

Jennings is the center of attention for making a cruel joke on Twitter aimed at the handicapped. The Jeopardy! winner made a rather cruel joke about people in wheelchairs and doesn’t seem to be remorseful about it at all.

People immediately jumped on the tweet to point out to Jennings just how insensitive it was.

@KenJennings This is disappointing as hell, Ken. You’re smarter than this. Or maybe you’re not. WTF, dude.

— Ashton Treadway (@ashtontreadway) September 22, 2014

So far, it’s unlikely that Ken’s Twitter account was hacked. Although he hasn’t apologized for his ridiculous tweet, Ken did answer one fan when they tweeted about the joke.

A twitter user wrote, “Probably your best.” To that, Jennings replied, “The Internet does not agree.”

For those not familiar with Jennings, not only was he the winner of Jeopardy!, but he still holds the record for having the longest winning streak on the game show. According to Business Insider, back in 2004, Jennings won a total of 74 games in a row. Due to this, his earnings totaled up to $2.5 million.

Following his historical winnings, the King of Trivia Nation made his turn as a best-selling author. Since 2004, the Jeopardy! winner has written six books. Some of his most successful books were Brainiac: Adventures in the Curious, Competitive, Compulsive World of Trivia Buffs; Ken Jennings’s Trivia Almanac: 8,888 Questions in 365 Days, and Maphead: Charting the Wide, Weird World of Geography Wonks.

It doesn’t seem like Ken Jennings is bummed by his new internet rep. Following his tweet, he went back to making lame jokes.

Are you surprised by Ken Jennings behavior?

[Image via ABC]