Sugar Bear Denies Cheating: ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Hoax Set Up By TLC To Boost Ratings?

Sugar Bear denies cheating on Mama June just days after she announced the couple’s separation… and now there are rumors that the two staged their split as a way to boost ratings on their reality show. According to MStarz, Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson has a dating profile on PlentyOfFish. But was it really his doing?

According to InTouch Weekly, a source has come forward to say that there is absolutely no way that Sugar Bear would cheat on Mama June… no matter what. Apparently, he did make profiles on dating websites… but may have been told to do so by TLC production in order to create this drama. Why? Well because drama equals higher ratings, of course!

“Privately, Sugar Bear is saying TLC is using this as a ploy to get ratings for their reality show. It just isn’t the hit that it once was… the fact that they are indeed filming right now when these cheating allegations surfaced speaks volumes,” revealed the source.

According to The Inquisitr, there are several theories about why the couple decided to split… or the fake split. If not for ratings, perhaps there is something else going on that the public doesn’t know about.

“This whole thing has just been grueling for Sugar Bear. He doesn’t like people thinking he cheated on his baby mama. He is a simple guy who is being used and it’s just sad.”

Sugar Bear denies cheating on Mama June in a short interview with TMZ. While he simply said that he did not cheat on his lady, he also said that he wasn’t permitted to talk about the situation any further. That left TMZ and the general public wondering who told him not to talk about what’s going on… Mama June… or TLC? Naturally if this is a hoax, TLC more than likely told Sugar Bear to keep his mouth shut until everything settles a bit. In the mean time, this will get people re-interested in the show and hopefully will provide the aforementioned boost in ratings.

Of course, it wouldn’t be too farfetched for TLC to stage something like this. The family has had some great success in the reality television world, but there is nothing like a good scandal to get the engine roaring again. Unfortunately, something like this could really affect the Thompson kids, so hopefully Mama June and Sugar Bear talked this over with them beforehand… whether they really did split or they’re just pretending.

[Photo courtesy of Twitter]