Christina Aguilera Runs Up Huge Bar Tab After Michael Jackson Tribute Concert

Christina Aguilera headed out to a bar in Cardiff, Wales after performing at the Michael Jackson tribute concert where she reportedly ran up an $8,000 bar tab.

The singer/actress went with her entourage to the St. David’s Hotel in Wales where she purchased rounds of alcohol all night for her friends. Aguilera also purchased dinner for her entire entourage which added to the overall bar tab.

Aguilera also hired a train carriage to get her and the entourage from London to Cardiff. A source told The Daily Mail:

“Christina just sat back and enjoyed the views.” That same source added, “She had been told the countryside is beautiful and she just wanted to see it.”

“Her management hired half the carriage through a company called Train Chartering because she didn’t like the idea of a fleet of Bentleys sitting on the M4 for hours on end.”

The singers tab included chilled champagne, Belvedere vodka, Pinot Grigio, Fuji apples, a pot of honey, unsalted almonds and mineral water. The water was flown in from the South Pacific at the request and expense of Aguilera.

As if Christina Aguilera wasn’t already giving her entourage the royal treatment they were actually allowed to wait in the VIP lounge before boarding the train, the same lounge that is typically reserved for actual royal family members.

Do you think spending $8,000 on alcohol and food for a night out on the town is a bit excessive? I’m not saying she shouldn’t have done it but if I was dropping that much cash I would be shooting for higher shelf vodka than Belvedere.