‘Star Wars: Episode 7’ Will Feature Real Sets And Extras, No More CG Overdose

Oscar Isaac and Episode 7 set photos reveal a more energized, perhaps messy, Star Wars movie that will be far removed from the CG overdose of the prequel films. The newest chapter will include hundreds of extras to play storm troopers, real sets and ships (as in actual props) and a less formal script.

Many members of the original cast, including Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill, will have roles in Episode 7, but J.J. Abrams is going even further to bring back the feeling of the original films.

Oscar Isaac recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly where he gave some hints on what Star Wars Episode 7 might look like. One relief is that audiences won’t be bombarded with a completely CG world. Isaac confirmed there will be tangible objects in Star Wars.

“He’s shooting on film and actually building the sets, so you’ve got hundreds of Stormtroopers or whatever, and hundreds of extras and all the ships. You actually see it. It’s all real. Everyone can interact with the world.”

Photos published by the Spanish newspaper 20 Minutos confirm that Abrams is building real starships. The photos show X-wing fighters and the Millenium Falcon partially covered by tarps, probably to keep Spanish newspapers from leaking too much information.

As for the dialogue, Episode 7 might not bring back feelings of nostalgia for fans of the original Star Wars. Oscar Isaac commented about the classic Star Wars dialogue.

“I’m constantly looking for a cheesy line to say to harken back to the old ones. No, what they’re trying to do and what’s really great is J.J.’s been loosening it up a little bit and trying to make it alive and energized. It’s not formal. They’re messy, energized people. We’ve all intentionally tried to do that. Just make it a little more fiery and messy.”

Oscar Isaac also addressed the enormous amount of fan speculation about every detail of the new Star Wars.

“People want to know all those special things and when those iconic moments are going to happen, but if all that gets revealed beforehand I feel like it robs people of that moment when they’re sitting there watching it for the first time.”

Disney has the same attitude and is willing to go to extremes to protect Star Wars secrets. As reported by The Inquisitr, Disney company looked into hiring flying drone security to keep reporters from taking photos of the wide open set design locations. With photos coming out on a regular basis, it’s clear they could use some security measures.

Still, Abrams is willing to give away a few tidbits, especially when it means taking a shot at rival production Batman v. Superman. A YouTube video (featured below) shows the Millenium Falcon in the middle of construction for Star Wars Episode 7, with a special feature underneath.

[Image Credit: YouTube]