Lindsay Lohan Sued for Not Paying $90,000 Limo Service

Elite Transportation Limo and Security Services is suing Lindsay Lohan for availing their services but not paying $90,000, including chauffeured services and private security.

Reports had it that the company made attempts to resolve the issue with the actress, but Lohan never responded. The lawsuit alleged that Lohan booked limo services for her friends and family between February 2009 and May 2009. The cost of VIP limo service from the company is placed within the range of $55 and $1,000. She was picked up and dropped off at her Hollywood residence, different airports, hotels, Staples Center for a Lakers basketball game, and even at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

Lohan initially owed the company $32,515. With late charges piling up, the total amount has ballooned to $90,585.79.

A statement from Lohan’s representative said:

“Lindsay has not been served with any lawsuit and we cannot comment on a lawsuit we have not yet seen.”

Records, however, show that the lawsuit was originally filed last October 7, so it seems that we will be seeing Lohan in the courtroom again.