Duck Dynasty Is Now A Video Game

If you just can’t get enough Duck Dynasty, you’re in luck. The first family of fowls and forestry is coming not just to television, but to your game consoles when Duck Dynasty The Video Game hits store shelves this fall.

The Duck Dynasty on A&E Facebook page carried news on Wednesday that the fan-favorite clan would be coming to video game consoles. The announcement came with a trailer that mixes live-action shots of the Duck Dynasty clan on the show with in-game shots from the forthcoming video game. The Duck Dynasty game doesn’t look like it will be competing with Destiny or Batman: Arkham Knight for graphical awards, but it’s a safe bet that Duck Dynasty fans won’t exactly be looking for Crysis quality when they pick up this title.

What it does look like they’ll get is a game with hunting, fishing, swamp boat racing, and first-person duck calling. It also appears to have some degree of plot, as the trailer shows members of the Robinson family participating in pranks.

The Duck Dynasty game will be out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo 3DS. Duck Dynasty fans will only have to wait until October 14 to get their hands on the new title.

The title is just the latest attempt at capitalizing on what became a surprisingly popular reality series. Duck Dynasty burst seemingly out of nowhere to give A&E a ratings boost and turn the Robertson clan into household names.

The popularity of the series seemed to backfire some time back when Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family, several times aired his decidedly non-politically correct views on homosexuality, “Islamic” terrorism, and African-Americans.

“In this case,” Robertson said when speaking of the Islamic State, “you either have to convert them, which I think would be next to impossible…or kill them – one or the other.”

Robertson is currently pushing yet another cash-in on Duck Dynasty‘s popularity, a book of his views, titled Un-PHILtered.

Robertson’s outspoken nature caused some critics to call for A&E to drop Duck Dynasty as a series, but the show continues, albeit with reportedly lower ratings.

Robertson hasn’t allowed the controversy over his views to shut him up, either. The Duck Commander recently made headlines for saying that AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases were punishment from God for homosexuals engaging in “immoral conduct.” Asked if he was a homophobe, Robertson remained defiant.

“I’m as much of a homophobe as Jesus was,” Robertson recently said. “People who are participating in homosexual behavior – they need to know that I love them.”