BMW i8 Price Is Higher Than You Think – But Here’s Why It’s Worth Every Penny!

The BMW i8 price might scare the average consumer — but a quick overview of what this vehicle has to offer should change those feelings completely!

It is true that BMW i8 price is nearly $136,000, according to reports confirmed by Even for a hybrid sports car, that price is a lot higher than most of its competitors. You can save a substantial amount of money just by purchasing the Model S from Tesla Motors. One report even shows that used models of the BMW i8 are currently being sold for over 50 percent of the actual list price.

However, once you take a quick look at what is under the hood in addition to everything that is included within the BMW i8 package, you might realize that investing that kind of money into a sports car is not as unrealistic as you think.

One of the biggest highlights of the BMW i8 is the fact that it delivers a superior level of power. In addition to the 1.5 liter turbocharged petrol engine, the BMW i8 comes with an electric motor that generates an impressive output of over 350 bhp. For those consumers and critics interested most in speed, they will be happy to know that the BMW i8 can go from standing to over 60 miles per hour in just a little over four seconds. This impressive statistic does need to be put into perspective, though, especially when you take into consideration that the BMW i8 can only drive 23 miles using battery power exclusively.

Even with that minor setback, the BMW i8 presents a clear view of the future. The future of hybrid vehicles. The future of energy-efficient sports vehicles. The future of battery-powered automobiles. The future of BMW — one of the most popular luxury automobile manufacturers in the whole world.

More importantly, the BMW i8 reflects the future of consumer expectations. Years ago, the concept of a $136,000 BMW sports car might have made the average consumer laugh and automatically think that it was an absolute joke. However, as of right now, there is a waiting list for brand new models of the BMW i8 that goes on for close to two years.

The BMW i8 price might seem high — but its popularity actually proves that long-lasting quality and performance are much higher in value to the average consumer than price.

What do you think about the BMW i8? More importantly, what do you think about the BMW i8 price? Is it worth it?