‘Big Brother 16’: Derrick Brought A Bartering Tool Into The House – Guess What It Was

Derrick Levasseur had packed a bargaining chip in his Big Brother bag

Big Brother 16 is inching toward its conclusion and house guests are killing time until finale night. That means there are many conversations about random stuff that gives the Big Brother blog writers something to document. Occasionally, an interesting tidbit seems to reveal something we did not know about the house guests.

Big Brother Network reports that Derrick brought something unexpected into the house – a pack of cigarettes. He told Victoria he is a smoker, but has miraculously gone 90 days without indulging.

Then, he backtracked and said he was joking. He did bring cigarettes into the Big Brother house, but as a bartering tool. One might stop and wonder if Derrick had spent a bit too much time hanging around prisons since, as viewers know, he is a police sergeant. Or he may have been sending out a subtle wink to viewers to remind them he’s kept that fact of his personal life hidden this entire game, even from his closest allies. His official Big Brother biography reminds us he started out as an undercover officer.

CarterMatt mentions that “the cigarette strategy” has been done many times before, and interestingly, there were no smokers in the house this year.

Derrick’s bio reveals the three things he would bring into the Big Brother house if he could: “A picture of my daughter as she is everything to me, my memory foam pillow since I need a good night’s sleep and a deck of cards.”

When Derrick was crowned Head of Household recently, he got a pleasant surprise — not just personal pictures from home, but a special “Holla” from his baby daughter. You can watch that video below.

Victoria, for the record, said before the game started she’d like to bring makeup, hair extensions and her camera inside the house. Cody did not name any items on his bio, but did reveal he had no strategy to win Big Brother.

If Cody is looking for a tip on how to win, Big Brother Network has a suggestion. Blogger Matthew Boyer reminds readers of what happened at the finale of last season’s Big Brother Canada. At the end, there was a power duo and a pawn. There was the brains (Neda), the brawn (Jon) and the pawn (Sabrina). Jon chose to send Neda packing and took Sabrina to the final two. Cody may or may not realize he is likely to lose against Derrick and evicting him over Victoria might be a wise option, according to Boyer.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the live feeds over the weekend also revealed Victoria was actively campaigning to stay.

The Big Brother 16 finale airs Wednesday night on CBS.

[Image: Big Brother/ CBS]