‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: A Dunk Tank, An Injury, And A Concert Ahead in ’45 Second Solos’

Tuesday night’s episode of Dance Moms will definitely be a change of pace from the norm. Season 4 is almost over, and that means Nationals are right around the corner. To relieve a bit of the stress, Abby Lee Miller shows the girls a very different side of herself. What do the Dance Moms spoilers reveal about the September 23 episode airing on Lifetime?

Abby will give the girls a chance to let off some steam and share some giggles in the season 4, episode 29 show titled “45 Second Solos.” However, there are some challenging moments as well. All of the girls will have 45 seconds to impress Abby with their moves to show that they deserve to have a solo at Nationals. At the same time, Miller will put herself in a dunk tank and give the girls a chance to exact some revenge.

The Dance Moms spoiler preview via Facebook shows Abby bringing the girls outside and actually sitting in the dunk tank. Naturally the girls are smart enough to rush the tank and ensure that Abby hits the water. Even the moms seem a little surprised that Miller is throwing herself out there in such a fun way.

At the same time, other Dance Moms spoilers from Facebook tease that there are some emotional moments ahead as things do not look good for Chloe and Christi. It seems that Christi suffers an injury and this may cause big problems when it comes to Nationals. In addition, apparently Abby decides to have Kamryn take Chloe’s place, and that leaves Christi worried about her daughter’s position when it comes to Nationals.

There have been people buzzing on social media that Chloe does leave the Abby Lee Dance Company at the end of season 4 and that she won’t be back for season 5. So far, however, neither the show or the network have confirmed that. Some who follow the girls have indicated that Chloe is dancing at another studio now, and it seems it may even be one where she can see Brooke and Paige Hyland again.

Viewers won’t see the actual Nationals competition until the September 30 episode, but Tuesday’s show definitely sets the stage. Unfortunately, Dance Moms spoilers from the show’s Wikia page would indicate that the solo dances end up with some mixed results at Nationals, though the group dances do well.

As the ALDC girls prepare for Nationals in the season 4, episode 29 show this week, they do participate in a dance concert, though Chloe was in a boot due to her injury and couldn’t dance. The event is dedicated to the memory of Abby Lee Miller’s mother, Maryen Lorrain, who passed away earlier in the year. Tune in for all of the dancing, drama, tension and laughs when “45 Second Solos” airs on Dance Moms Tuesday, September 23 on Lifetime.

[Image via Lifetime/Scott Gries]