World War III: Is Attack On Isis The Beginning?

Essel Pratt

Last night's announcement of strikes against "seasoned al Qaeda operatives in Syria" has many people wondering if World War III is inevitable in the near future. ISIS' planned genocide of Christians in Syria brings back thoughts of World War II and the mass genocide of members of the Jewish faith, drawing parallels to what might happen if ISIS is left to their own vices. Although the scale is much smaller than that which Adolf Hitler commanded, the threat is still there that the world may come together and work toward eradicating the threat of ISIS, while others choose the other side of the war. President Obama spoke to the extent of the fight to dethrone ISIS and the coalition attack that took place last night. He stated that the coalition attack,

"[M]akes it clear to the world that this is not America's fight alone."

"When this gets interesting to me... is six months down the road, when a second-tier ISIS commander starts to create some sort of cell to recruit foreigners from Europe or the United States or Canada into Syria. Do we still have the will and capability, and the intelligence, to locate that person, or that group of people, and put lead on the target?"
"We know the United States is not the world's peacekeeper and shouldn't get involved in every tragedy in the world. But what makes Iraq different from Rwanda and Darfur is what's happened in Iraq is a direct result of U.S. foreign policy."
"We caused this in Iraq. Whether people say George W. Bush should not have gone in or Barack Obama should not have pulled out, we caused this genocide on the Christian community. Therefore, we have a moral obligation to act."
"What's happening is horrific. We have pictures of Christians who have been crucified. Households have been stamped with what we call the red death stamp – the red Arabic letter N, which stands for Nazarene. It's very reminiscent of what happened to Jews during the Holocaust with the labeling and systematic execution of Christians."

[Photo Courtesy: Telegraph]

"Without any doubt, the international system of checks and balances has been effectively ruined (by Russia's actions). The world has been plunged into the worst security crisis since the U.S. (Cuban missile) standoff of 1962."

Are worries of World War III unwarranted in today's advanced society, or does that advancement make the imagined version of World War III more realistic?

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