‘NCIS’ Spoilers: Cote de Pablo Could Return In Season 12

NCIS spoilers suggest that Cote de Pablo could be reprising her role at Ziva David in Season 12. According to TV Guide, the show’s creator Gary Glasberg revealed some interesting things about the new season, and fans are super excited for things to get underway. Glasberg said that the new season is going to be “character-driven.” Without any major cliffhanger leaving fans on edge after the Season 11 finale, the show will get a fresh start.

“Season 12 is all about bringing the team together and sort of keeping the family going, and really emphasizing the group. We made a deliberate decision at the end of [Season] 11 to really do that,” explained Glasberg. Without going into too much detail, he was able to give fans a bit of a tease when it comes to the new season of the popular show.

NCIS spoilers involve Cote de Pablo in more than one way. Aside from the hope of many that she comes back, her absence gives fans something else to talk about: Tony Dinozzo. Apparently DiNozzo is going to move on from Ziva this season. Actor Michael Weatherly explained that Season 12 is going to be great for his character, who will have “more fun” than ever before.

“I think he’s moved past the wounded bird [phase]. It’s really exciting. I don’t think I’ve been this excited since maybe Season 3…. I think Season 12 is going to be a revelatory year. He’s probably going to have more fun than he’s ever had.”

If Ziva comes back, DiNozzo might have a change of heart.

New characters will be introduced this season, and that has some fans excited. For example, a new villain will be introduced in episode one. Also, Bishop’s husband Jake will have a role on the show, providing more of a background for Ellie. Jake works for the NSA and may be involved in helping the team with a case.

But Cote de Pablo is the name you’ve been hoping to hear about since the actress decided to leave the show. Well, Glasberg finally revealed that there was a reason Ziva David wasn’t killed off the show… and he says he’d be open to bringing her back.

“We didn’t kill her. So, Ziva’s still out there and she’s still alive…. We’ll just have to see what happens,” said Glasberg. “I am sure they will see each other again, and I’m deeply fascinated by what kind of fireworks would result. I absolutely know that it would not be without some explosive quality,” added Weatherly.

According to Enstarz, Weatherly misses Cote de Pablo on the show. While he completely supports her decision to leave and take her career to new heights, Weatherly admitted that he misses working with her on NCIS.

As most fans of Cote de Pablo know, the actress has been working on a miniseries called Dovekeepers, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. The show is on CBS, which means Cote didn’t leave the family so-to-speak, so her return may not be that farfetched of an idea.

NCIS premieres tonight at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. Do you think Ziva will come back by the end of the season?

[Photo courtesy of Bauer Griffin via Zimbio]