Niall Horan And Ed Sheeran Kiss And Make Up After Sex Scandal

Niall Horan and Ed Sheeran appear to be back on good terms after letting a girl come between them.

Sheeran has hinted that his song “Don’t” is about Horan having sex with Ed’s ex, Ellie Goulding. Goulding allegedly hooked up with Niall Horan behind Ed Sheeran’s back while the redhead was staying at the same hotel as One Direction (or at least this is the scenario that Sheeran’s song describes).

Niall’s move was a major violation of the bro code, but perhaps Ed feels better about what went down now that he’s penned a song about it and gotten all those emotions out. There’s even photographic evidence that Sheeran has forgiven his old friend for going after his girl — Yahoo! Celebrity UK recently tweeted a picture of Ed Sheeran kissing Niall Horan on the cheek.

Niall is even cracking a small smile in the photo. The last time Horan got that close to man, some One Direction fans started speculating that Niall might be gay. However, he didn’t seem too concerned about what people would say about his latest bro kiss — he even returned the favor.

The photos of Sheeran and Horan kissing were reportedly taken at a Las Vegas nightclub. Niall, Ed, and a few of their famous friends spent the weekend partying in Sin City after the iHeartRadio festival. The old pals were also photographed drinking, laughing, and squatting together.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Niall Horan and Ed Sheeran’s love feud is complicated. Their girl fight started when Niall expressed an interest in dating Ellie Goulding. The One Direction star was later spotted kissing the “Burn” singer at the V Festival, but Ellie burned Niall by accompanying Ed to the MTV Video Music Awards. Sheeran stated that he and Goulding were dating; she said that they attended the awards show as friends. The events described in “Don’t” occurred, and Niall Horan responded to rumors about his tryst with Ellie Goulding by labeling them “lazy and sh*t.”

Perhaps Niall and Ed finally got together and hashed things out, coming to the mutual decision that they both got played by Goulding. Ellie is currently dating Dougie Poynter, so Horan and Sheeran might be on better terms now that they know neither one of them has a chance with her.

Whatever went down between the boys, it’s a good thing that they kissed and made up. Ed has written multiple tunes for One Direction, including “Moments” and “Little Things.” It would be a shame for 1D to lose such a valuable collaborator over a girl. According to MTV News, a track penned by Ed Sheeran is going to appear on One Direction’s upcoming album Four (and no, it’s not “Steal My Girl”). Zayn Malik described the Sheeran tune as “more of a ballad,” and Louis Tomlinson revealed that it’s a slower song. You can hear it when “Four” is released on November 17.

Are you glad that Niall Horan and Ed Sheeran are best buds again?

[Images via Celebritiess, MTV UK]