Pool Shark: Halo The Pool Playing Dog Will Amaze You [Viral Video]

This is one dog you won’t want to mess with on the pool table. Though he doesn’t use a pool stick, this dog has some amazing paw shots you won’t believe.

Halo is a pool genius. The dog loves playing pool and can be seen in many different videos clearing the table with a simple push of the paw. The dog doesn’t just straight shoot the balls either, she actually calculates the exact angles needed for the most effective shot. The shot at the 0:23 mark is a prime example of this dog’s pool skills.

The dog receives no prompting from her owner, but instead can be seen walking around the table looking for her best shot. The first video of Halo was uploaded in 2009 and more have been added through the years. However, Halo the master pool playing dog has made a resurgence on social media since his owner, Josh Kuhn, posted that Halo tore her ACL and was having a hard time playing pool. Kuhn said the surgery is extremely costly and was hoping for donations to help fund the bill.

Though Halo’s ACL has caused issues with her pool playing ability, her videos are still popular with her original video being viewed over 1.9 million times with more than 2.1 million views between all her videos.

Halo isn’t the only talented dog out there. Check out this compilation of dogs with some mad trampoline jumping skills.

What do you think of Halo’s pool playing skills? Do you think you could you beat her?