WWE News: Crazed Fan Jumped Barrier To Reach John Cena After Raw

The WWE Universe isn’t the craziest fan base in the entire world for nothing. Often times, they make the weirdest, yet clever signs. For reasons that will remain unknown, WWE officials order security to confiscate signs that infuriate them. Sometimes they are CM Punk signs, Chris Benoit promotions or even Cesaro signs that are just done to proclaim their favorite wrestler.

Whatever the case may be, nobody can match the WWE Universe in passion, exuberance and emotion. For all involved, I do thank you for being the best fans in the world for any sport.

Even though, the WWE Universe is the greatest fan base in the world, everybody can take it a little too far. Wrestling Inc. is reporting that a fan jumped the barrier to try to get to John Cena after Monday Night Raw went off the air.

A male fan reportedly hopped the barrier at ringside after Monday’s WWE RAW in Memphis. The fan was trying to get to John Cena while Cena was going around ringside, greeting fans after the show went off the air.

Fans in attendance said it appeared the fan was trying to get to Cena to embrace him, not attack him. WWE security immediately took the fan down and carried him out to the back.

Cena was about ten steps away from where the fan came over the barrier. Cena ran over to give the man a high-five as he was being taken away by security. Cena then returned to greeting the other fans at ringside.

Give it to Cena that he was able to be very cool about it. Even though, the report mentions that there was no intent to hurt, nothing can be confirmed. Only fans in attendance mentioned his intent was only to “embrace” Cena in a very big hug. Well, everybody has their own ways of displaying their affection. Clearly for that gentleman, he needed to break the law to say hello to the 15-time WWE champion.

Whatever the case may be, that is one example of being a fan that went too far. Surprisingly enough, not many fans jump the barricade to attack WWE superstars. More often than not, a verbal exchange will ensue that entices the wrestler into engaging the fan. Take the CM Punk example with the fan a few years ago during a house show.

To be quite honest, it was one of the best interactions between wrestler and fan in the history of WWE. Luckily for us, someone got it on tape. Punk did went over the line and ended up apologizing for it, but he was playing the role of a heel. If we would’ve jump the barricade, who knows what the result would’ve been.

John Cena embraces the fans like friends. WWE is very lucky nothing bad came out of that. If something were to happen, the Punk lawsuit wouldn’t be the only thing they needed to fight.

[Image via wrestlingyard.com]