Queen Elizabeth Furious Over Former Press Officer’s Humiliating Memoir, Says It Will Be ‘The Last’

The Queen of England is reportedly furious over allegations made by ex-palace Press Secretary Dicky Arbiter, whose new memoir suggests that the late Princess Diana had a furious temper and mood swings, among other things.

The Inquisitr reported on Sunday about the allegations made in the controversial new book,

“In his new book, On Duty With the Queen: My Time As a Buckingham Palace, Press Secretary, Dicky Arbiter reveals much about Diana and her moods. For example, the Princess of Wales had a temper tantrum in February 1992 during a visit to India with then-husband Prince Charles.”

Soon after news of the book hit the media, the Queen apparently ordered the relevant department at Buckingham Palace to put measures in place to ensure that these kinds of allegations cannot be revealed by other palace staff in the future.

Dicky Arbiter worked for the royals at the palace for the best part of 12 years, and his memoir paints a picture of what life was like for him during that time.

But, the memoir also includes embarrassing details about life behind closed doors for Prince Charles and Princess Diana towards the end of their marriage.

Prince Charles

Arbiter has already sold the book publication rights to a national newspaper so it’s no wonder the Queen is feeling so unhappy about the whole thing.

According to a report in the International Business Times, Queen Elizabeth and her son, Prince Charles. have warned palace staff not to even consider revealing secrets about the royal family and have called a number of meetings to discuss the contents of Arbiter’s book.

The Mirror in Britain reported that a source told it,”It has been made clear in no uncertain terms that this will be the last time the Royal family will be made to endure such public humiliation by someone who was once trusted enough to become a central figure in the Royal household.”

From now on, according to the publication, palace staff employment will be governed by strict rules that will prevent them from taking the path of Dicky Arbiter and betraying the trust of the very people for whom he worked.