Food Truck In Colorado Was Selling Regular Tacos, But Was Crazily Frequented By ‘Ice’ Addicts

Food trucks have been quite an appealing site in many a busy areas as the food tastes great, generally speaking, and is served almost instantly. Furthermore, their dishes have interesting “sides” as well. One such food truck in Colorado had fans of “ice” lining up.

This was no ordinary water based ice, though. Law enforcement officers busted the people operating the food truck because they were selling methamphetamine, a highly addictive and very potent central nervous stimulant commonly referred to as “meth,” “crystal meth,” “ice,” and “glass.”

Authorities successfully broke up a drug trafficking ring and seized 55 pounds of methamphetamine, ending what prosecutors said on Monday was an audacious network that involved a food truck selling tacos “with a side of meth.”

It was certainly not an easy task, however. The drug trafficking ring had become quite audacious, said Colorado state’s Attorney General John Suthers,

“The brazenness of this ring was astounding. For example, customers could literally walk up to a food truck and order a side of meth with their taco,”

The state meticulously planned the sting operation for five weeks, using sophisticated wiretapping technologies to get complete confirmation of not just the illicit drug trafficking, but also of the supply-chain of these bold drug peddlers, reported 9News. The bust revealed that the drug trafficking ring was one of the largest ever to have uncovered in Colorado and that the group was openly importing the drug from Mexico via California.

According to documents submitted to the court, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, 37, would distribute the drug to members of the network for sale. The delivery and trade-chain included a 39-year-old woman. This woman reportedly manned a taco trailer at a busy intersection southwest of downtown Denver, reported NBC News. The state officials reported that frequent customers could easily walk up to the trailer and order tacos, but they weren’t here for the food — rather, they were there specifically for meth. These customers simply ordered meth with their taco, paid for the merchandise, and left.

About 55 Pounds Of Meth Was Discovered Underneath The Food Truck

The drug enforcement officials have been successful in apprehending 17 people, including Gonzalez, and all have been indicted on charges including possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, violations of Colorado’s anti-organized crime laws, conspiracy, money laundering, and tax evasion.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, which worked with state law enforcement agencies, confirmed that guns, money, and record amounts of meth were seized. The meth, totaling 55 pounds, was discovered hidden in the floor of a car driven by one of the suspects.

[Image Credit | Colorado AG]