‘Joe The Plumber’ Announces Plans To Run For Congress

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher busted out onto the national scene when John McCain dubbed him “Joe The Plumber” and tried to use him against Barack Obama during the last election cycle and now we’ve learned that “Joe” has launched a 2012 congressional campaign. Wurzelbacher filed a statement of candidacy with the Federal Elections Commission.

Filed under “Joe for Congress 2012” his candidacy was submitted on Friday, although FEC copies of his submission have not yet been released onto the agencies website.

In 2010 Wuzelbacher said he might run in Ohio’s Ninth District where he would face Democrat Marcia Kaptur who has held the seat since 1983.

It’s still unclear what type of platform Samuel will run on, what we do know is that he gained the attention of John McCain and the GOP when he spoke out against Barack Obama’s tax plans which Joe believed would hurt his small plumbing business.


It should be noted that Obama’s plan at the time would only have raised taxes on businesses making more than $250,000 annually, an amount that “Joe The Plumber” was not even close to realizing. If this guys as bad at reading a bills actual facts as he is at competing against a long-standing congressional leader in his district he’ll fade as quickly as he rose to the national platform.

I hear he’ll be running on the “leaky pipe” platform.

Do you think “Joe The Plumber” would make a good congressional leader or is his attempt at running just another way for him to get his name back out into the public?