‘Star Trek 3’: William Shatner Will Have A Part, But Will He Take It?

Star Trek 3 could have one major surprise in store for fans of the original series.

The rumor mill is churning that William Shatner will have a part in the upcoming continuation of the 2009 reboot, to be directed by Robert Orci.

Bad*ss Digest reports that the script will have a scene where the original James T. Kirk (Shatner) re-teams with the original Spock (Leonard Nimoy, who appeared in his original role for the 2009 version).

In the new cast, the stars have been replaced by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, respectively.

While details are slim at this point regarding how it will play out, Devin Faraci writes that the scene will be integral to the story itself, so there is a very good chance that it will survive final edits.

“It would be a pretty huge moment for fans of the franchise, and likely the last time we’ll ever see Shatner as James T. Kirk in official continuity,” Faraci writes, adding that this would also be the first time the originals appear onscreen together since Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

This is unquestionably good news for those of us looking forward to Star Trek 3. Unfortunately, it hinges on Shatner’s acceptance, and some say that he’s still a bit sore over not being included in the 2009 film.

Well, back that up a bit.

Shatner was to have originally been in the film, according to Blastr, but J.J. Abrams ultimately decided to cut him because he didn’t want to come across as “pandering.” Orci, a co-screenwriter on the 2009 film, explains.

“We wrote a scene for William Shatner at the end of the movie where Spock, played by Leonard, gives his young self, played by Zach Quinto, something he’d kept with him. And it was basically a recording of Kirk singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him for the last time before he went off to die in Star Trek VII. J.J. had determined early on that he felt it might seem like it was, a) too small, and b) pandering to the fans a bit. But we wrote it anyway because as a fan you’re always trying to protect that thing where you want to be able to look fans in the eye and say, ‘We were ready.'”

Is the news that William Shatner has a place in the script for Star Trek 3 good or bad? Share your thoughts below.