'The Big Bang Theory' Actor Sells Show To CBS, Will He Be Written Out Of Comedy?

One of The Big Bang Theory's main actors has sold his own sitcom to CBS, which has lead to speculation that his character might be written out of the hugely popular show.

Kevin Sussman, who plays the unlucky in love/life/everything he tries his hand at Stuart on The Big Bang Theory, has proven that he's nothing like his character by selling Wife Of Crime to the network. Sussman has not only written the comedy, but he will also be its co-executive producer.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the sitcom revolves around a "straight-laced guy from Staten Island who marries into an Italian family with ties to the mob and finds himself drawn to the warmth of his new crime family."

Strussman will be joined by Neil Moritz and Vivian Cannon on the project, both of whom will work as executive producers through their Original Film company's deal with the studio. The duo are mostly known for their cinematic work, which has most recently included Fast & Furious 6 and 22 Jump Street, but they did also executive produce the likes of The Big C, Prison Break and Tru Calling for the small screen.

Sussman has been a series regular on The Big Bang Theory ever since the beginning of Season 6. While he doesn't have as many season-long plots as the likes of Kaley Cuoco's Penny, Johnny Galecki's Leonard, and Jim Parsons' Sheldon, he was a handy replacement for when Howard went into space at the beginning of that season.

Stuart is regarded as the unluckiest member of The Big Bang Theory's ensemble. In fact he is so unlucky he even makes Raj look good with the ladies, while at the end of last season his comic book store, which has been a regular location for the show's leading foursome of male characters since The Big Bang Theory's inception, burnt down to the ground.

However this proved to be a blessing in disguise for Stuart, as when Howard learned of the news he asked him if he would like to be Mrs. Wolowitz's caretaker, a position he immediately accepted. Spoilers for the upcoming batch of new episodes have suggested that Howard becomes a little freaked out by how close Stuart gets with his mother. It's even been rumored that, despite not having to look after her anymore, Stuart declares that he has no intention of moving out from Mrs. Wolowitz's home and he even starts acting like Howard's father.

It's not thought that this deal will stop Sussman from continuing his work on The Big Bang Theory, as a new comic-book store is set to be opened in just a few episodes time.

[Image via CBS]