Leanna Harris Passes Polygraph Claiming Toddler’s Hot Car Death Wasn’t Her Fault

Leanna Harris, a Georgia mother blamed for the death of her toddler’s death in a hot car, passed a polygraph test while claiming she had no involvement in the accident.

The Inquisitr reported on the incident earlier this month. Leanna Harris’ son Cooper was abandoned in a family SUV for seven straight hours in the middle of June. Authorities have since been investigating Leanna Harris and her involvement with the hot car death. Several hot car deaths have happened this summer, usually resulting in the guilty parent or guardian facing some kind of punishment. But the case may be different for Leanna Harris.

According to AL, Harris’ attorney, Lawrence Zimmerman, has released a statement that Leanna took a lie detector test on July 16 and successfully maintained her innocence in the toddler’s passing. The polygraph test was administered by a former law enforcement officer who has decades of experience with polygraphs.

According to WSFA, Leanna’s son was left in the SUV by her husband without her knowledge, which eventually resulted in his death. Leanna did not ask her husband to leave the child in the car, nor did he decide to tell her.

The test administrator asked Leanna Harris three questions about her involvement with the death of the 22-month-old toddler, Cooper Harris.

Test administrator: “Prior to June 18th, did you know that your husband would leave your son in that vehicle?”

Leanna Harris: “No.”

Test administrator: “Did you plan or arrange with your husband to leave your son in that vehicle?”

Leanna Harris: “No.”

Test administrator: “Did your husband tell you that he was going to leave your son in that vehicle?”

Leanna Harris: “No.”

The results of Harris’ polygraph test were released:

“After conducting three (3) polygraph charts utilizing a Modified General Question Technique, it is
the opinion of the Examiner that there was NO DECEPTION INDICATED present.”

Leanna Harris has not been indicted for the accidental death of her son. The blame was instead placed on Leanna’s husband, 33-year-old Justin Ross Harris. Justin was charged with murder and child cruelty. He is currently in jail without bond. Justin Ross Harris has also been indicted for sending an underage girl sexually explicit messages and asking her to send him nude photos. Harris has been charged with attempting to sexually exploit a child and disseminating harmful material to a minor.

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