Michele Bachmann Promises To Soldier On As Ratings Continue To Plummet

Despite financing troubles, staff members quitting and increasingly bad polling numbers GOP primary hopeful Michele Bachmann announced on Sunday that she will continue campaigning through the New Hampshire primary which is likely to be held in January 2012.

Attempting to grab back some of the momentum she has lost Bachmann continued to attack President Obama while asking her fellow Republicans not to choose a moderate nominee to oppose the President.

A recent poll shows Bachmann tied for 10th place after reaching second in June.

Speaking in New Hampshire she told a crowd of nearly 50 Tea Party members:

“The thing that I would look forward to more than anything as the Republican nominee is taking Barack Obama on in the debates and holding him accountable for four years of destroying the country.”

Bachmann also wasn’t afraid to attack her fellow Republicans, specifically campaign frontrunner Mitt Romney when she said:

“It’s not good enough to settle for anyone but Barack Obama … This is the election where we have to have a constitutional conservative.”


When speaking about why she failed to visit New Hampshire over the summer in favor of Iowa the Minnesota Congresswoman said:

“I wish I could have come back earlier but I was fighting the debt ceiling all summer.”

In the meantime a recent report shows Bachmann’s campaign earning less than $5 million in Q3 2011, far less than Romney and Perry.

Do you think Bachmann can pull together her campaign and win a surprising victory against the likes of Mitt Romney, Herman Caine and Rick Perry?