Teacher Suspended For Allegedly Having Sex With Middle School Student Now Pregnant

Pennsylvania teacher Bridgett Szychulski was suspended from Central Bucks High School South in Warrington after allegations that she was having sex with a 14-year-old student surfaced. According to the Daily Mail and WND, Szychulski, 31, is now pregnant.

Bridgett Szychulski was arraigned on charges of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, indecent assault, statutory assault, and aggravated indecent assault last week. Before claims that Szychulski was having sex with a student surfaced, she was the high school band teacher.

The Philadelphia teacher is married with a 4-year-old son and showed visible signs of pregnancy when she arrived at the courthouse with her hands cuffed and resting on her stomach. Szychulski was suspended without pay on September 12. The teacher was ordered not to have any contact with either students or minors as she was released on $500,000 bail, People magazine reports.

William Goldman, the attorney for the teacher accused of having sex with a student, asked the judge for leniency during the bail hearing, stating that his client was in the middle of a “complicated” pregnancy. The attorney has not yet elaborated publicly about the pregnancy statement.

The sexual abuse charges stem from a student complaint stating that the prior school year, while he was a student at Lenape Middle School, he had engaged in a sexual relationship with his band teacher. According to the student, he and Bridgett Szychulski had connected on a “mental level” at first, noting that he played an instrument in the bands she supervised. The boy went on to state that he and his teacher would text and speak regularly on their cell phones.

The boy who claims to have had sex with this teacher went on to note that some of the cell phone communications with the band teacher include explicit images of the woman. According to the student, he and his teacher had sex three times during the school year. One of the sexual encounters allegedly took place in New Britain after the boy snuck out of his house at night, the student said in the police complaint. The other two times the band teacher and the student allegedly had sex, the intercourse took place in a storage room near the middle school band classroom.

When the unidentified boy texted Bridgett Szychulski in July of this year he allegedly told her that he had informed one of his friends about their sexual relationship. “Why would you tell him? I could lose my job, family, etc. Don’t know that I want to rehash that. Move on,” the Pennsylvania teacher allegedly responded.

[Images via: Shutterstock.com and the Bucks County District Attorney]