Slender Man Stabbing Victim, 12, Does First Interview: '20/20' Shares Inspirational Story

The Slender Man stabbing victim that was attacked by two pre-teens and left in the woods to die has done her very first interview since that terrible day. According to Hollywood Life, the September 26 episode of 20/20 will air a special featuring the child -- who has recovered from her horrific injuries -- and her parents.

"She said, 'I wanted to live.' I hugged her and I said, 'You're gonna be okay. It's gonna be fine,' but I could see that she was covered in stab wounds," explained the girl's mother, choking back tears.

Despite being stabbed 19 times by two of her "friends," the young girl is now getting back to her routine, but wants to share her story with the world in hopes of inspiring others.

The Slender Man stabbing victim stayed positive throughout her recovery, which likely helped her get back up on her feet. According to ABC News, the Wisconsin native watched Full House and spent time with her pets to keep her spirits up in the weeks following the May 31 attack. Family friend and spokeswoman Dana Hoffmann talked to the media about the 12-year-old and how happy she was to be back home on June 9.

"She's a very big cat lover. She's got two cats at home, and you know, it's just trying to re-establish what that new normal looks like and surround her with things that are familiar."
According to The Inquisitr, the young girl returned to school earlier this month. Spokesperson Stephen Lyons said that she was happy to get back to school and to reunite with her friends. It was the biggest step that she has taken, and it is clear that she is really looking forward to her life getting back to "normal" -- well, as normal as it can be.
"This little girl was excited to get back to school. It helped put some closure on things that happened a few months ago. She was excited to start anew back at the classroom, back with her friends, and back with the school and district that the family loves."
The family of the Slender Man stabbing victim has been so touched by the outpouring love and support from strangers. Lyons also said, "The amazing part of this story was that the world has supported this little girl and her family, even though they don't know her name."

Will you tune in to 20/20 on Friday to watch this special?

[Photo courtesy of ABC]