Princess Diana Pregnant At Time Of Her Death, New Evidence Suggests

Princess Diana was reportedly pregnant at the time of her fatal car crash, a fact that sources say was covered up for years after here death.

There have been past rumors of a pregnancy for Princess Di, and in this week's issue of Globe magazine, a source claimed that she was indeed pregnant with boyfriend Dody Fayed's baby when she died in 1997.

The report follows up past rumors that Princess Diana was carrying her third child at the time of her death. Last year, a doctor in Paris who treated Princess Di after her accident said he saw a six- to 10-week-old fetus. In a book called The Princess Diana Conspiracy, radiologist Dr. Elizabeth Dion and a nurse both claimed to have seen the unborn baby.

The book's author, Alan Power, claims that Diana's body was then hastily and illegally embalmed to cover up the pregnancy.

Princess Diana was killed along with Fayed in a car crash in Paris in August of that year, an accident that remains the subject of much controversy. Many, including Fayed's own father, believe that the crash was orchestrated by British intelligence forces to prevent her from marrying a Muslim man.

Earlier this year, the British government released a heavily redacted official report on her death, one that created even more conspiracy theories.

Al Fayed, Egyptian billionaire and Dodi's father, said he believes his son's religious background was the reason he was killed.

"This is not an accident," he reportedly said shortly after learning of the crash. "It is a plot, an assassination."

Alan Power also believes the crash that killed Diana was no accident.

"It established a motive for murder and explained Diana's illegal and speedy embalming," he said. If it's true that Princess Diana was pregnant at the time of her death, that would likely add even more fuel to the conspiracy theories about her fatal crash.