Bristol Palin: Proud Mama Sarah Palin Praises Daughter’s Strength, Work Ethic And Defense Of Family

Stories have been running rampant about a big Palin family brawl recently, but now Bristol Palin’s proud mama Sarah Palin is addressing the buzz in a roundabout way. While many have their opinions on the Palin family, it’s clear that when push comes to shove, they are determined to stick together. People may not know exactly what happened at the party where things spun out of control, but Sarah clearly is backing her daughter Bristol.

Sarah Palin addressed the situation in a vague way in a Facebook post. Bristol Palin’s proud mama said her daughter is a straight-shooter and one of the strongest young women anybody will ever meet. She praises former Dancing With the Stars contestant Bristol’s work ethic and heart, and she says her kids defending their family makes her heart soar.

That defending the family bit surely is a reference to reports that when Bristol’s brother Track got into a confrontation with a supposed ex-boyfriend of hers, she ended up jumping into things. Bristol allegedly punched the owner of the property where the party was being held in the face a few times.

Sarah Palin goes on to note that the family has been through many “liberal media-driven” difficulties, and others would have been crushed without a strong faith foundation. Sarah says she’s thankful for the family’s prayer warriors. Naturally, since the post was on Sarah’s Facebook page, it was highly praised. Nearly 40,000 followers “liked” the post and more than 1,600 commented.

Granted not everybody feels quite so positively about the Palin family and their way of handling things. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, reports out of Alaska indicated that Bristol was punching a man multiple times while her brother Track and other family members were throwing around punches, insults, and other less-than-becoming moves. The Palins haven’t directly addressed the reports other than Sarah’s praise of Bristol.

Interestingly, despite quite a few people being involved in the altercation in Alaska that threw the Palin family back in the headlines, nobody seems to have shared or sold any pictures or video. However, some who were at the party with the Palin family brawl have spoken out, as Radar Online shared. Many of the details are consistent regarding how the Palins acted at the party, but of course others claim things went down differently.

The Palin family may continue to be surrounded by rumors and controversy, but it seems they plan to just keep doing what they do. Bristol Palin’s proud mama Sarah Palin doesn’t seem to waver from her strategy or viewpoint and the family’s fans seem to continue to embrace it all, regardless of the other reports and headlines.

[Image via ET Online]