Tupac Shakur Estate Promises To Sue Over Sex Tape

The family of famed rapper Tupac Shakur says they will “sue anyone” who tries to release grainy footage of the rapper being serviced by an unknown female.

Stills from the sex tape have been released however the full movie is still looking for a buyer. The Tupac sex tape was film in 1991 and only recently surfaced.

Speaking to TMZ a representative for Tupac’s estated revealed:

“We will sue anyone who tries to sell a Tupac tape.”

In the five-minute tape Tupac is seen holding a cocktail in one hand and a joint in the other while receiving oral sex from an alleged groupie.

Tupac’s mom Afeni Shakur spoke through her spokesperson:

“Get the legal team ready because [we] will not allow someone to put it out.”

It’s still unclear who is marketing the tape, some sources believe it’s the female who appears in the tape. No buyer has come forward at this time.