WWE News: Wrestling Legend Sting Could Be Appearing On WWE RAW Tonight

In a really cool turn of events, rumor has it that we might see Pro-Wrestling Legend Sting appear on WWE RAW tonight, September 22nd. Sting signed a merchandise deal with WWE and has been used a lot for events and even DVD material for WWE. He first appeared with WWE on the WWE Network to talk about his late friend The Ultimate Warrior. However, he made his first public appearance under the WWE banner at Comic-Con a few months back.

Sting looks as good as ever and a lot of fans have been asking when we’ll see The Icon live and in person on WWE programming. The WWE has had Sting under their banner for a while, so it would be cool to see the Stinger debut with WWE in some capacity.

Now it appears like we will. Sting tweeted out recently…

“It’s Showtime. 9.22.14”

Originally, we were told the new generation would be on RAW this week. Most of us took it as the NXT guys would be seen on the show, as it made total sense to see them. There has already been reports of them being at RAW and SmackDown shows. However, the idea seemed to blow up in smoke. Sting actually helped to quell that with his tweet. Most took this as something interesting because the last time Sting gave a date for something, he actually did appear on RAW. It was in the form of a commercial for WWE 2K15 however

That seems to be how we will see Sting tonight, in a way. The rumor is that Sting will appear live to promote the WWE 2K15 video game, which a lot of fans would like to see. Really, most WWE and Sting fans do not care why he appears on RAW, we just want to see him, well, appear on RAW!!

Sting WWE 2K

That could be the case tonight, seeing as Sting set out this date and another commercial wouldn’t make sense. Sting saying anything tells us something WILL happen, because it did last time.

Sting has been helping 2K Sports promote the game, and with WWE trying to raise ratings against heavy competition tonight on television, it would make sense to merge the two. Sting could appear on WWE RAW and promote the game in the process.

Nothing is confirmed regarding him appearing live, but Fansided sources claim that we will not be disappointed if we want to see The Icon appear on WWE programming for the first time. Really, we cannot know for sure.

Sting has a new DVD on tap, but the video game is also coming out next month for last-gen consoles. Next-gen consoles get the game in November.

Most feel that this would be good on WWE’s end to bring in Sting for tonight. However, fans can beg for it all day. That doesn’t mean we’ll see it, sadly. WrestleZone feels that it could be WWE simply promoting the new Sting DVD. Meanwhile, The Wrestling Observer claims that with other talent promoting this “Next Generation” thing for the same date, it seems to be more video game centered. TWO did not go into detail on if we would see Sting, but the last time they reported something similar to this, we did see Sting on RAW… sort of.

With Sting tweeting out “It’s Showtime,” it seems to indicate some sort of live action. Whether or not we see him appear is another thing entirely, but it could happen as Sting never really tweets stuff like this out unless we are guaranteed to see something. Whether or not he going to be on WWE RAW in person is up in the air, but many feel he could be. So many will watch RAW tonight to see.

[IMG Credits: kupywrestlingwallpapers, DeviantArt]