Emma Watson Nude Photos: Star Might Be Next Victim Of The Fappening

Emma Watson is the latest celebrity being targeted by the hackers responsible for The Fappening. However, Watson’s nude photos haven’t been leaked — yet.

A group from 4chan recently claimed that they’re in possession of nude photos of the Harry Potter star. According to the Mirror, the hackers have set up a website where they’re planning on leaking the alleged photos stolen from Emma Watson.

The website is just one page, and there’s a large countdown in the middle of the screen. It promises that nude photos of Emma will be leaked five days from now, and it features a photo of the actress appearing to wipe a tear from her eye. It bears the threatening title “Emma You Are Next,” and there’s just one short statement on the website.

“Never forget, the biggest to come thus far.”

The Emma Watson website created by 4chan users

The words “never forget” likely reference the Labor Day “event” that Reddit users dubbed “The Fappening.” Over the long weekend, hackers leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kaley Cuoco, and numerous other celebrities. The leaks quit coming for a few days, but they’ve recently started up again. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the latest victims include Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Meagan Good, Gabrielle Union and Vanessa Hudgens. More photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Kaley Cuoco were also leaked.

Some Reddit users are skeptical about the Emma Watson website. In a thread titled “EMMA WATSON IS NEXT,” Redditors discussed the possibility that the supposed 4chan hackers might be pulling a fast one on internet pervs obsessed with seeing Emma sans clothing.

“This is a masterwork of trolling, and I will be delighted to see the results,” one Redditor wrote. One theorized that it will turn out to be “the biggest RickRoll in internet history,” and another claimed to be in contact with the leakers responsible for all of the other celebrity nude photos that have been released.

“In the chat room with the leakers as they were leaking the past few days and confirmed leakers have all stated there is NO images that any of them have of Emma. They are also unaware of any in existence within any of the circles they trade in. You may not like that answer, but this site is a rouse.”

It was pointed out that Emma Watson’s name wasn’t on the lengthy list of celebrity victims that was originally shared on 4chan, and one Redditor wrote that Watson is probably smart enough to know better than to take nude photos of herself.

“Very clearly bulls**t, get over your hopes, Emma is aware of how much she’d be targeted and likely takes no nudes to be safe (she’s more intelligent than jlaw or anyone else caught), and even if she does it’d be with extreme caution and very quickly deleted with no chance of entering ‘cloud storage.'”

Even though Emma Watson wasn’t a victim of The Fappening, she had something to say about the cruel way her colleagues were being treated on social media.

The Emma Watson website was created at the worst possible time. Over the weekend, Emma tried to draw attention to gender inequality and the feminist movement by giving a speech at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the U.N. Goodwill ambassador also helped launch the “HeForShe” campaign, an effort to end gender inequality. Watson just wants to use her star power to make a difference in world, but now all anyone will be able to talk about is a website that’s most likely just a joke.

If you’re more interested in listening to Emma than seeing her naked, you can check out her speech below.

Do you think that the 4chan hackers are cruelly using Emma Watson’s name to play a prank on the internet?

[Images via Emma Watson/Twitter]