Justin Bieber Posts Fireplace Pic From Selena Gomez’s Pad, Is He The One ‘Moving In?’

A recent report claiming Justin Bieber has asked Selena Gomez to “move in with him” may be right on the money, after a 180 switch-up with the Biebs possibly moving in with SelGo.

We’ll explain.

Amid the Instagram snaps, videos and selfies Jelena have obligingly shared over the past two months chronicling their rekindled romance, we were drawn to Justin’s cozy fireplace pic which he posted Sunday night (Sept. 21.)

The 20-year-old “Confident” singer’s caption reads,

“To start something new you have to stop something old. What are you living for? What is your calling? Set standards and boundaries #begreat.”

While the message is inspirational and exactly the kind of note any self-respecting pop idol with over 21 million Insta-followers should be posting, it’s the fireplace that’s key here.

It’s very familiar. In fact, it’s Selena Gomez familiar.

Which is likely why on Monday, the actress-singer “Liked” her boyfriend’s Instagram photo. The other name under Selena’s, is Brillstein Entertainment partner Aleen Keshishian, who manages the starlet’s day-to-day business at the talent agency.

A clear sign, then, that the Disney alum’s inner circle are letting their approval of Jelena be publicly known.

Selena Gomez

(Photo: Selena Gomez “Liked” Justin Bieber’s fireplace Instagram on Sept. 22.)

About a month ago, the 22-year-old “Come & Get It” songstress posted a pic of exactly the same fireplace, writing,

“Inspired tonight. I have a la la, smooth, feel good kinda song I’m trying to get out. That makes sense right? #fiji #mini.”

Selena’s caption doesn’t specify whose house she was at.

But, over at Justin’s childhood pal – Ryan Butler’s – Shots page, guess what turned up?

Budding director Ryan’s caption reads “Calabasas, CA.” However, as most are aware, the Biebs no longer has a Calabasas address due to eggs-traordinary reasons. So it looks like Ryan and Ashley are staying at Selena’s Calabsas home during their current visit.

Butler posted the sweet reveal of himself and his girlfriend, Ashley Guindon, just days after hanging out in Las Vegas with Justin and Selena to watch Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s face-off with Marcos Maidana. The following night, Butler celebrated his 20th birthday with Ashley, Jelena and pals at an L.A. bowling venue.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Loved Up At Lucky Strike Bowling Date

(Photo: Ryan with Justin and Selena at the Lucky Strikes Bowling Venue, L.A., September 14.)

Justin reportedly still rents two units at the Beverly Hills Condominium he partied hard at in June and July, but he hasn’t endeared himself to neighbors. It’s thought the heartthrob still has access to the Hollywood Hills mansion he leased, although it’s reported the party pad now has a buyer.

Either way, as a nearly two month milestone approaches for Jelena’s latest reunion, didn’t the Biebs look comfortable chopping and stir-frying up a storm in that cute, cooking video he posted of him and Selena in her kitchen last week?

Of course, moving in together could be the last thing on either young star’s mind. But, it is the natural step for couples who have been seeing each other a while. Even on-again, off-again couples.

Hollywood life claims a source said Selena said yes when Justin asked her to move in with him, adding:

“Selena and Justin are a hundred percent together right now, he’s asked her to move in with him and she couldn’t be happier.”

Apparently, the Latina is “still being cautious, she’s not going to give up her place, that way if anything goes wrong or if she decides she needs some space – she’ll have her own spot to go to. But, officially, she’s going to be living with him. It’s a huge step.”

At this point, it’s never say never. But, if Jelena do decide to “shack up,” it will probably be Justin who moves in with Selena. After all, she’s the one with the house deeds.

Meanwhile, the lovebirds were seen being openly affectionate at a church in Los Angeles on Sunday evening, after dates at Nobu and Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights in Universal City over the weekend.


(Photos via Twitter : The reunited twosome at Hillsong Church L.A., September 21.)

Selena Gomez Shows Affection To Justin Bieber At Los Angeles Churchc

(Photos: The couple that prays together, stays together?)