Islamic State Spokesman Calls John Kerry ‘The Uncircumcised Old Geezer’

A disturbing 11-page statemen released in an audio online by Islamic State spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, urges Muslims to rise up and kill civilians and soldiers alike from America, France, and Australia, among other places.

The chilling statement, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald today, extols the virtues of killing innocent people and was released in Arabic, English, and even Hebrew, in order to get the ISIS message of Jihad out to as many people as possible.

The rhetoric in the statement, which was posted on the SITE monitoring website, was so absurd at times that it bordered on funny. In fact, it didn’t just border on funny as some parts of it were just downright hilarious.

We have spared you the full 11-page diatribe here as we know you have better things to do, but have pasted the only the juiciest excerpts below. If you want to read the full document in English, click here.

Perhaps the most striking (and funny) parts of the ISIS statement were the personal insults aimed at none other than the President of the United States and his Secretary of State.

Things got personal for ISIS as it called Barack Obama a “mule of the Jews,” while referring to John Kerry as “the uncircumcised old geezer.”

The statement is indeed long and disturbing, but is translated into perfect English. Here is an excerpt from Al-Adani’s statement, including the remarks about Obama and John Kerry,

“So America and its allies rose in order to save the world from the “terrorism and barbarity of the Islamic State” as they allege. They rallied the entire global media, driving it with false arguments to delude the masses and lead them to believe that the Islamic State was the root of evil and the source of corruption, and that it was the one killing and displacing the people, arresting and murdering those who are “peaceful,” demolishing houses, destroying cities, and terrorizing the women and children who were previously safe. The media portrayed the crusaders as good, merciful, noble, generous, honorable and passionate people who feared for Islam and the Muslims the “corruption and cruelty of the khawārij (a deviant, extremist sect) of the Islamic State” as they allege. To the extent that Kerry, the uncircumcised old geezer, suddenly became an Islamic jurist, issuing a verdict to the people that the Islamic State was distorting Islam, that what it was doing was against Islamic teachings, and that the Islamic State was an enemy of Islam. And to the extent that Obama, the mule of the jews, suddenly became a sheikh, mufti (Islamic scholar that issues verdicts), and an Islamic preacher, warning the people and preaching in defense of Islam, claiming that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam.”