Hope Solo Nude Photos: Could The 4Chan Leaked Photos Hacker Continue For Months?

Hope Solo's nude photos were among the set of photos and videos released during the second event called "the fappening," which some websites have disgustingly already labeled the "second cumming." While that's embarrassing, it's possible the hacker behind the 4Chan leaked photos collection may have even more photos and videos and could continue leaking for weeks or even months.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the 4Chan leaked photos scandal involved hundreds of videos and photos and proved just how vulnerable anyone can be if they choose to make nude photos of themselves. In addition, some states have child pornography laws where a teen who creates and sends a nude photo can be criminally prosecuted as a sex offender. Since McKayla Maroney was underage when her nude photos were taken, a White House petition argues Maroney should be charged as a sex offender, regardless of her celebrity status.

The release of Hope Solo's leaked photos probably could not come at a worse time for the U.S. women's national team soccer star. Due to an alleged incident of domestic violence, some people have compared Solo to Ray Rice and claim she should be suspended and have her sponsorship money taken away until after the trial in November of this year. Now, she has the embarrassment of being numbered among the celebrities listed as a Fappening victim.

Reports describing Hope Solo's nude photos claim they are not fakes like the photos attributed to Kaley Cuoco. It's said that the photos show Solo's tattoo and her face. Worse, the photos depict full body nudity, and some of them supposedly show her engaging in explicit sexual acts.

It is also possible the hacker behind the 4Chan leaked photos is not done yet. This time around, both 4Chan and Reddit were quicker to shut down any links to the offending photos, but the people distributing them quickly set up third party websites that list and host them all.

Although the FBI is trying to track down the hacker, it's, unfortunately, not that simple. During the first night of the Fappening, the 4Chan "hacker" revealed that he was not, in fact, the person who originally stole the photos and videos. Instead, he purchased them in bulk and was leaking only a small portion of the collection in hopes of finding buyers who would be willing to pay big money for access. Thus, this person called himself a "collector."

The good news is that the 4Chan collector did not get his money. The bad news is that the leaks will likely continue indefinitely. The total size of the collection was claimed to be much larger than the relatively small number of photos and videos that have been leaked out so far. This means that stars like Hope Solo may find herself being embarrassed for months on end, assuming she created even more nude selfies.