Eric ‘The Actor’ Lynch Dies At Age 39

Eric “the Actor” Lynch has died at the age of 39. A popular member of Howard Stern’s Whack Pack, Lynch was known for his unusual voice and quick temper. Although he was the subject of at least one death hoax, close friends confirmed Lynch passed away on Saturday afternoon.

Lynch began calling the Howard Stern Show in 2002. As he enjoyed arguing with Howard and members of his staff, he eventually became a regular call-in guest. He soon became well-known for his gruff attitude, unique voice and unusual speech pattern.

Although Lynch preferred the nickname “Eric the Actor,” he was given several “titles” throughout the last 12 years. His most popular nicknames were Eric the Midget and Eric the Ungrateful Midget.

Lynch was just over 3′ tall. In addition to dwarfism, he suffered with numerous medical conditions, including Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. As his limbs were quite disfigured, Lynch was confined to a wheelchair.

Eric the Actor was a frequent caller to Stern’s program. However, he rarely appeared in public. In 2008, he made his only in-studio appearance on the Howard Stern Show. Although the personal appearance was rare, Lynch seemed to enjoy sharing the studio with singer Diana DeGarmo, the Dixie Chicks, and wrestler Kurt Angle.

In addition to the Howard Stern Show, Lynch also made cameo appearances in American Dreams, Fringe, In Plain Sight and Legit.

Last week, Eric the Actor made his last call to the Howard Stern Show. As reported by US Magazine, Lynch called the show to report “his parents were taking over his caretaking duties in his managers absence.”

Eric the Actor’s close friend and manager Johnny Fratto announced his death on Sunday. However, Lynch reportedly passed away on Saturday afternoon. As reported by TMZ, he was rushed to the emergency room on Saturday morning.

Although he apparently suffered a heart attack, he died when “most of his organs just gave out.” In addition to Fratto’s announcement, Lynch’s death was also confirmed by Sirius XM via Twitter.

By all accounts Eric the Actor “outlived doctors expectations.” Despite suffering with numerous medical conditions, Lynch became a well-known and beloved member of Howard Stern’s infamous Whack Pack.

Although he and Stern often argued — at length — the two men became quite close. Eric the Actor was certainly an unusual and interesting character. However, he was well-known and respected for his unique personality.

[Image via Howard Stern]