‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Hope Faces Tough Decisions As Maya Stirs Up Trouble

What can fans expect from The Bold and the Beautiful this coming week? There is still a lot of drama surrounding the Hope situation while Maya is making some big moves. There are some juicy The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers available for the episodes airing during the week of September 22 and fans won’t want to miss them.

As fans saw last week, Quinn has been exposed for all of the trouble she caused in Paris. Hope knows the truth about what happened with Liam and now she has big decisions to make. According to We Love Soaps, The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that on Monday’s episode Hope will reveal something shocking to Liam. These two are in a very difficult place right now after learning the truth about Quinn’s Paris antics, but it won’t be easy to decide how to move forward. Those at Forrester Creations will also learn about Quinn’s antics.

Expect to see Wyatt confront Quinn, according to The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from She Knows Soaps. In addition, Ivy will confront Quinn about having put her in danger, and Hope is facing the challenging decisions she has to make. Ivy has a big realization this week as well. Wyatt will plead with Hope, but Liam will discover that Wyatt isn’t aware of everything affecting the state of his marriage.

As for Maya, The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that she is continuing with her plans to meddle in both Rick and Katie’s relationships. She is planting some doubt with Rick regarding Caroline. She’s also working on Katie, and Maya isn’t about to scale back on going after what she wants. At the same time, Bill is trying to get Brooke back, and at the end of the week, he learns something that he thinks will help him seal the deal. It’s not going to be easy for Bill to win over Brooke as Deacon is still in the mix, and he’s not going to walk away without a fight.

Which man will Hope choose? Fans are anxious to see some resolution on this storyline, though it does appear that both Liam and Wyatt have fans rooting things will go their way. Will Maya succeed in causing trouble for both Katie and Rick? Which man will win over Brooke? There is said to be a kiss between a mystery couple and fans can’t wait to see just who locks lips. Tune in for The Bold and the Beautiful airing weekdays on CBS to see just what happens next.

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