Oprah Winfrey Has This Unexpected Activity On Her Bucket List

Oprah Winfrey is greeting audiences in the U.S. as part of her The Life You Want Weekend tour. While audience members are presumably there to learn from Oprah’s experiences, one audience member asked the media mogul what is on her bucket list. As reported by News.com.au, Winfrey had to think about the question.

“I hadn’t thought of having a bucket list. But so many of you, since this is your bucket list, I’m now thinking I might make a bucket list!”

Revealing she was due to return to South Africa soon, Winfrey offered up a surprising answer.

“Every summer I’ve planned this and never did it. On the way to South Africa this time, I’m stopping in Italy and I’m going on a truffle hunt with the pigs and the dogs. That has been on my list for a long time. This year, finally, I’m going to do that!”

In 2012, Forbes contributor Katie Kelly Bell recounted her experience at a French truffle hunt. At the time, the culinary ingredient went for about $600 per pound. Bell said the process involved a dog who would sniff out a truffle and promptly dig deep to retrieve it. She points out the process of using pigs to hunt truffles was stopped because pigs had a tendency to eat them.

Oprah Winfrey seems to have it all. Wealth, a strong relationship and thriving business. But truffle hunting is something that is perhaps out of the ordinary. Winfrey is a well-known animal lover with a particular affection for her dogs, so perhaps she is interested in watching the truffle-hunting canines do their jobs.

She has five dogs herself. In April, E! Online reported on Winfrey’s Instagram video that saw her handing out treats to her pups in honor of National Pet Day.

Oprah released a book of inspiration recently, excerpts of which were reprinted earlier this month in The Daily Mail. Winfrey writes on topics that include resilience, love, connection, gratitude, awe and clarity. She says love is always accessible.

“But this is what I know for sure: love is all around. It’s possible to love and be loved, no matter where you are. Love exists in all forms. Sometimes I walk into my front yard and I can feel all my trees just vibrating love. It is always available for the asking.”

The book is a collection of Oprah Winfrey’s columns published in O Magazine.

[Oprah Winfrey Image: Google]