‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Tries To Run, Jason Heads Toward Port Charles

General Hospital has been explosive lately, and by the looks of things, there are a lot of wild times ahead this coming week. Romances are blossoming, lives are being threatened and a couple of iconic Port Charles residents are about to return. What General Hospital spoilers are available for the week of September 22?

According to the “Official Morgan Corinthos” Facebook page, there will be a big homecoming for Maxie and Lulu thrown by Mac and Felicia. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Robin and Jason will start making their way back to Port Charles. However, at some point this week, it seems that they will get separated. As the week goes on, Liz will end up trying to comfort a patient who has no identity. This, naturally, is said to be Jason.

Carly and Sonny continue to reminisce about Jason, but Franco is still in the mix of things. He is pushing to get answers from Kiki, and later in the week, he puts together a plan that may involve a proposal. Are things between Carly and Franco about to implode or hit some happy notes? Chances are this will not go smoothly for Carly.

Max and Shawn are trying to bring Ava to Sonny, but she manages to escape. She is trying to get out of Port Charles, but things, of course, don’t go exactly as she planned. Morgan will end up agreeing to help her apparently. In addition, Sabrina is learning more about Ava, and she is shocked by her discoveries.

Ned and Alexis will have a date, but Olivia and Julian aren’t very happy about it. “Fluke” will send Julian a message, and the topic of Luke comes up as Tracy is talking with Dante and Lulu. As the General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps notes, Fluke/Luke wants answers from Julian, and this is all setting the stage for the character’s return in October. Patrick and Sam have some suspicions about Luke, and they share them this week with Alexis.

In other General Hospital spoiler news, Lucy will push Scott to make a decision, and Kiki will open up to Morgan about the secret she is keeping. Toward the end of the week, Nathan will have a question for Maxie while Jordan and Shawn’s relationship faces some challenges.

Big things are ahead this fall, and it looks like Port Charles is going to be rocked by some big events. Billy Miller is taking over the role of Jason Morgan and Luke will finally return. Tune in to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC to see just what goes down during the week of September 22.

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