Evangeline Lilly Dishes on Homebirth, ‘The Hobbit’

star Evangeline Lilly has been slightly busy for the past five months.

Lilly, 32, recently stopped by NBC to chat with Jay Leno about her role along side Hugh Jackman in the recently released robot boxing flick, but as the video seen below reveals, there’s been far too much going on in her life to stick with just one subject.

While sharing the details of the planned home-birth of her now five-month-old son, Evangeline revealed the event – which took place in Hawaii, outside, and during a thunderstorm – lasted a total of 30 hours, with “eight hours of pushing.”

Lilly recalled the experience, saying:

“After about five hours of pushing, my midwife and birthing assistant said, ‘You know, we have a few suggestions,'” to which the actress quipped, “‘Really? You couldn’t have told me five minutes in… we could have had this baby out by now.'”

In addition to dishing on her delivery, Evangeline talked about her plans to take a break from the acting spotlight, and how they were dashed when she received a call from Peter Jackson.

“Pete Jackson called,” remembers Lilly, “and he says, ‘Would you like to be an elf on The Hobbit,’ and I said, ‘Yes. I really do want to do that.”

In order to properly play her part in the forthcoming movie, the actress revealed that she has undergone extensive preparation, which includes stunt training, dialectic training, and even “elvish training.”

“‘I’m learning the language of elvish, which was invented by JR Tolkien,'” Lilly proudly revealed.

Evangeline Lilly is all set to play the willowy elf Tauriel when Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hits theaters on December 14, 2012.