Kendra Wilkinson Divorce: Kendra Spotted Sans Wedding Ring Despite Reconciliation Rumors

Despite reports that Kendra Wilkinson has forgiven her cheating husband Hank Baskett and taken him back, the reality star was seen on Thursday without her wedding ring. Mail Online has the photos of Wilkinson, who was filming scenes for her show, Kendra On Top. Kendra has not been seen with her wedding ring on since the cheating scandal hit the internet back in June.

While sources close to Kendra previously said that she was completely done with Hank and ready to file for divorce, some media outlets reported that the former Playboy bunny decided to take Hank back. The decision came just two months after Kendra learned that Hank had some kind of relationship with transsexual model, Ava Sabrina London.

Kendra Wilkinson supposedly believes the story that Hank told her: That he was at a friends house when London approached him and came on to him. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, none of Kendra’s friends trust Hank, but Kendra has decided to give him another chance. Sources have said that Kendra and Hank are 100 percent back together after Hank was able to convince Kendra that he didn’t actually cheat on her.

However, some people still think that Kendra and Hank are over. While Kendra might be stomaching Hank for the sake of their children (and to make some good reality television while she’s at it), those close to Kendra say that she’s ready to leave Hank after he cheated on her while she was pregnant. At this point, it is hard to know what to believe, but fans hope that the new season of Kendra On Top(which premieres on Oct. 3 on WE TV) will provide some insight.

A Kendra Wilkinson divorce would not be surprising at all. The clips of Kendra On Top that have been posted online (like this one by People Magazine posted last month) show a very distraught Kendra. Evidently, she must have some kind of proof that her husband did something because a woman likely wouldn’t flush her wedding ring down the toilet because of tabloid trash talk… right? These tabloids make up all kinds of stories, so it’s safe to assume that Kendra had other proof that Hank was unfaithful — or that he did something that challenged his loyalty to her.

Since Kendra has gone silent on social media, and neither she nor Hank has made a public statement about their relationship, no one can say anything for sure. Things may — or may not — be cleared up when Kendra On Top returns to television in just over a week.

[Photo courtesy of Angela Broderman, ACPluggedIn via]