Sam Pepper, YouTuber And Ex Big Brother, Blasted For Butt Pinch Prank

Sam Pepper, aka Samuel Nicholas Pepper, is enraging fellow YouTube vloggers and some of his subscribers with his latest but questionable prank that Pepper has titled “Fake Hand A** Pinch Prank.” In this particular prank, Sam Pepper, who is wearing a mohawk tied in a ponytail and black skinny jeans with a light grey hoodie, walks up to total strangers (hot girls) and asks for direction to some retail outlet. As the girls are directing him to the store location, he pinches their butts from behind, then feigns innocence and blames it on an unsuspecting passerby, according to Digital Spy.

Sam Pepper, age 25, who is best known for his stint on Big Brother 11 UK, and who was evicted on day 73, is well-known in the YouTube world for his pranks which have netted him 1.16 million followers on Twitter and 2 million YouTube subscribers. One of his most famous videos is about the homeless man who shares a slice of pizza, as reported early by the Inquisitr. Many people wonder why the funny and talented ex-Big Brother star would settle for life as a vlogger on YouTube. Well, that’s because it is fun and lucrative. Pepper answers his critics this way, according to The Independent.

“When I tell people I’m doing YouTube, a lot of them ask if I hope to be on TV again. My reply is always ‘why would I want to be on TV?’ Online film is incredibly rewarding. And when you tell people the money you can make, they’re shocked.”

Sam Pepper’s wiki states that he is a musician and a prolific graffiti artist who is spoiled by his Greek parents and has a take life as it comes sort of attitude. People who know the real Sam Pepper say that he is a passionate individual who loves his art.

Unfortunately, Sam Pepper’s butt pinch prank is not funny to many women who believe that he is sexually harassing these girls and should be punished. Their sentiments are expressed by the Twitter hashtag “#ReportSamPepper.” Here is what some of them have to say.

“Sam pepper touched girls without their permission,thought it was funny, and justifies that by saying it was a prank? Doesn’t seem right.”

“even an apology isn’t enough at this point.”

“sampepper you’re an a**hole. Learn to respect women.”

“Really? This is blatant sexual harassment. Do yourself a favor-take it down and beg for forgiveness. Some therapy would help too.”

Say what you wish about Sam Pepper, but one thing is for sure— the latest publicity is sure to get the Pepper even more Twitter followers and YouTube views than ever before.