WWE News: WWE Planning To Bring Up All Of The NXT Five Sooner Rather Than Later?

WWE has signed some amazing talent since 2013, people who no one thought would ever get a chance in WWE have been signed. Not only that, they have been used very well. On top of this, WWE seems to be changing the company’s direction from the big guy to the average guy who can wrestle. Fans these days want, but also need, to see good wrestling, and they also want to see entertainment along with it. Why do you think Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are so popular?

Both have been able to thrive with their characters as well as their matches. Both also happen to have been major Indy stars. WWE saw the success of these men, as well as others like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Both Bryan and Punk had to prove to WWE that what they do is what the fans want. After a while, WWE took notice. When Rollins and Ambrose started to excel, WWE then realized what they had to do.

They had to go out and bring in Indy talent. If they did hire someone without a good wrestling background, WWE knew they had to train them well so they stood a chance against those with a head start. When WWE signed guys like Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn, known as Pac and El Generico on the Indy scene, many wondered if others would get a shot too. They also wondered if both Neville and Zayn would even get a fair shake in WWE. On top of that, many wondered how they’d adjust to WWE when they had never really shown a WWE side, if you will. Both did well.

WWE saw the success of everything and kept hiring. Eventually, they signed Kevin Steen, KENTA, and Prince Devitt. This excited a lot of people, especially the internet. Many of us have seen them from the start, and we know what they can do. WWE seemed to give the five men a name, which was simple but also telling. Known as the NXT Five, the five men are said to be WWE’s future. WWE has put a lot into finding and signing all of them, and they realize it could be a big hit of big bust with the NXT Five.

It also seems that they do not want to wait much with them, as news coming out today from Wrestling Inc. claims that we may not be waiting long to see all five men on the main roster.

“There are indications within WWE that some of the top NXT stars like Hideo Itami, Fergal Devitt and Kevin Steen may be brought up to the main roster sooner than later. It was said that it’s just a matter of time before we see Sami Zayn and NXT Champion Adrian Neville on the main roster regularly.”

The idea that has been rumored, but not confirmed, is that all five guys will be either on WWE RAW this Monday, September 23, or they will at some point come up together as a stable of sorts. Many fans want to see that, but it is more doubtful than true. WWE could do it if they feel that they could use a shot in the arm similar to what The Shield gave them, who came up a similar way.

The group would be different as well, so fans would like to see what they could do together if WWE wanted to do that.

The more likely case is that all will be on the main roster by the end of the year, but all five will come up slowly. So Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn will be seen relatively soon, then in a month or so, Hideo Itami will debut, then Devitt and Steen will be there. WWE seems to be doing something similar to what they did with Daniel Bryan, where they have someone in developmental for a bit, then they put them on the main roster fast, once an opening becomes available.

WWE fans might want a stable, but the reason WWE might not do it is because there appears to be plans to use all five guys individually. The most we might see is a tag team with two of them. While that might disappoint WWE fans, we can at least be happy that WWE appears to be giving us the five guys on the main roster sooner rather than later. Really, what more could we ask for?

[IMG Credits: TheWrestlingMania.com, Cadeside Seats]